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Greek Life is stupid. Why is it such a big deal? - Swampt It
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I don't see why everyone joins sororities and fraternities. I think it's dumb. The only reason why you would join is just to drink your life away. Personally, I think greek life should be banned on college campuses, they just cause nothing but trouble.
Who is with me?!?

1/11/2012 | | Login to bookmark

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benclark07 Reply
Anonymous : You are too opinionated when you clearly don't know that much about Greek life.

Greek life is a great start up, but it shouldn't be everything to you throughout college, which is the way it tends to be. There are too many different people to meet and cultures to interact with. For the most part, people in Frats and Sororities are pretty similar. If you really want to find out what the real world (not just this little academic bubble we call UF) is really like, you do have to get outside of Greek life and explore things that may make you uncomfortable. Greeks don't like hearing this, but it's true. However, if you want to meet some really cool people and have fun within an organization that could have potential benefits for the rest of your life (should you choose to stay within the US), there aren't many better ways to do that than being part of Greek life.

Sorry Greeks. I tend to not like most of your attitudes, so I have to go antiGreek on this one. Obviously it's not all of you.
01/26/12 20:31:41

Kdav Reply
Anonymous : I'm not a fan of greek-life, but the people in it can be generally chill - or they can be so irritating. Much like, you know, normal people. 'Cause they are just other students. They're joining greek organizations to be able to befriend people, and do stuff. It's understandable, and while it's not for me personally, I don't judge people negatively because of it. Only, not a fan of the intense judgement greek people themselves seem to give at times - not all, obvs, but some. Like the comments here, saying that "You obviously know nothing about anything" for not liking their little group. It's the sense of superiority that they gain that I dislike. Well, that and their domination over some of the events and things on campus.

This site needs a neutral option for stuff like this.
04/05/12 19:01:18

Guest1662 Reply
Anonymous : Lol at all the Greekfags getting so butthurt over someone not liking your shitty little boy's club. Greek life is entirely based on social events. The fact that these tossers need a group based solely on social interactions just shows how inept they are at interacting on their own.
05/25/12 11:45:18

smith1302 Reply
Anonymous : You're a little radical for my taste, but I don't really like greek life personally. Atleast go out and try it atleast first, you are making wild accusations.
01/11/12 00:19:13

dyeung93 Reply
Anonymous : yeaaa uf is way too greek orientated, it really makes people more collective and less open to other people which i think is stupid but oh well what can you do
04/03/12 01:20:15

smith1302 Reply
Anonymous : It's so true!! Greek life is so stupid. All they do is drink and party
01/11/12 00:33:09

Guest7611 Reply
Anonymous : I think it has its advantages. But as some anonymous posted here, "leading losers like you," ... this is why I tend to generalize and say most greeks are very superficial. But, that doesn't mean they are all the same. My best friend is greek and he isn't the typical asshole douchebag, so I really think its up in the air. Most people get conformed into a certain stereotype, but if you're you can see passed that... then it does have tons of opportunities lined up.

Also, there are other less-known fraternities/sororities that aren't "greek" but professional. Those seem to have a good balance of social, philanthropy and helping you in a professional sense... whereas the majority of opportunities in the regular greek life is just social.
03/06/12 17:13:30

alterego Reply
alterego : Greek life is an awesome way to meet new people, to get involved on campus, and to gain opportunities that would be very difficult without the connection of your brothers. You don't know what you are talking about.
01/11/12 00:20:19

Guest1282272 Reply
Anonymous : Hating because you didn't get a bid....
01/11/12 22:22:35

smith1302 Reply
smith1302 : No. Just no. You probably haven't even given it a chance.
01/11/12 00:18:09

Guest12823 Reply
Anonymous : You probably sit around your dorm room or apartment all day and play World of Warcraft. Greek life actually involves talking to girls(which I'm sure you've never done), giving back to your community in such ways as philanthropies, and leading losers like you and 70% of the rest of this campus because someone has to do it. You can try all you want to get us banned, but I guarantee you the people you go to to try and get us banned were in a fraternity or sorority when they went to college.
01/11/12 22:43:39

Guest701851 Reply
Anonymous : Greeks have a higher average gpa than non-greeks. They also not only run college campuses across the country, but are running the government and most major corporations. Greeks raise tons of money for charity and provide 1000s of hours of community service. Someone should get their facts straight.
04/07/12 03:51:57

davidf77 Reply
Anonymous : At first I was pretty neutral about Greeks, I thought all they did was drink and party but there's more to them than that. At least go out and try to see what they're like, it's not for everyone. I sure didn't think I'd be rushing, but it showed me there are advantages to being a Greek.
01/28/12 12:52:38

vandybeatsuf Reply
Anonymous : Stupid GDIs
02/16/12 21:31:51

Guest1282271 Reply
Anonymous : You obviously know nothing about anything. If you knew the least bit about what being in a fraternity or sorority really meant and how it has the potential to benefit it's members you wouldn't be making judgmental accusations like that. You say these things when you obviously dont have any greek friends and you dont even give them a chance. You are the worst sort of person; ignorant, judgmental, rude, and blatantly uneducated. I dont know how they let you into UF with that kind of attitude. That is not what it means to be a Gator. If I ever passed by you on campus I would have nothing but a smile and nice things to say to you so why dont you do the same and try a little bit of optimism and open-mindedness for once in your life.
01/30/12 00:54:57

Ulises Bautista Duarte Reply
Ulises Bautista Duarte : I just want to know what are the average dues of a fraternity that has a house on campus. Also what does the dues cover???
07/14/12 17:00:20

cbjohnson Reply
Anonymous : This really isn't a question but...going Greek can really help get involved on campus, whether you get involved in your house or through other things with the help of your house's involvement chair. Gator Growl, Blue Key, Dance Marathon...they're all dominated by members of the Greek community and well-known to Florida employers. For many though, its a way to meet life-long friends and maybe your future wife through all the social events over the course of the year. Do you really think the Student Body President only goes to parties? NO. Sure, maybe occasionally, but it's only as often as you want to.
03/05/12 23:17:42

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